Risk Management

In order to develop effective protection, risks must first be assessed by risk analysis and then risk management plans drawn up to minimise them.

A company’s operational risks can be analysed by examining the resources (human resources, processes, hardware and software, facilities and data assets) collected in the course of impact analysis

Challenges facing Risk Management

  • to use the appropriate rating system for each and every risk while measuring different risks, whether they be IT security-, facility- or human risk, using the same unit of measurement
  • to ensure both damage which can and which cannot be expressed in monetary terms can be measured in such a way as to minimise damage and optimise costs by easily tracing damage back to its root causes
  • to ensure easy-to-process graphic information facilitates visualisation and the implementation of risk management plans may be easily tracked

The ADAPTO risk management methodological approach

In terms of its method of calculating risks, its consistency and its complexity ADAPTO is unique on the Hungarian market because:

  • it allows you to uniformly measure different types of risk
  • it uses the risk measurement methodology best suited to specific types of resources
  • it detects all vulnerabilities and couples them to the risks they present

Areas of risk management which ADAPTO supports

Supplier Risk

Tracking tasks

ADAPTO’s task tracking function aims to support the company’s risk management activities.

It may be used:

  • to facilitate preparation for audits
  • to allow the implementation of risk management plans to be tracked
  • to standardise the minutes of meetings and discussions (document generation)
  • to help create templates to be able to prepare quickly for different project types