Process Risk (ISO 9001)

Detecting and managing operational risks aims to identify those risks which may arise in the performance of the company’s processes.

Challenges facing Operational Risk Management

  • to determine those threats which are capable of exploiting the vulnerability of the company’s resources
  • to detect the vulnerability of each separate resource
  • to analyse only those resources which support processes essential to the company’s operation
  • to take account of existing protection measures in calculating risks
  • to clearly demonstrate any residual risk once risk management plans have been implemented

Operational Risk Management dashboard

  • risk dashboard
  • potential risks
  • identified risks
  • Risk Acceptance form
  • risk treatment plans
  • compliance with ISO 9001:2015

Excel and Word

Risks automatically forecast from the vulnerability of resources

Repeatability of risk assessment guaranteed as affected resources are determined objectively
Analysis-based damage estimation
Integrated, process-oriented ISO 9001 support
Risk-based approach in accordance with ISO 9001:2014