IT Strategic Planning

IT strategic planning aims to ensure that the company’s or institution’s IT resources are used in the interests of the organisation’s longer term objectives, looking several years ahead, and efficiently support their achievement.


Challenges facing IT Strategic Planning

  • to derive the IT strategy objectives from the organisation’s strategic aims as a whole
  • to harmonise short-term plans with medium- and long-term plans
  • to take IT planning decisions which will be valid for a number of years to come
  • to appreciate that a substantial part of the return on IT investment may be seen over a number of years
  • to appreciate that it is virtually impossible to obtain a clear overview of a larger company’s IT infrastructure
  • to explore and compare alternative ways of achieving the objectives which have been set
  • to make things clear for the management

ADAPTO modules support the IT strategy

  • by clearly demonstrating for top management in the form of a visual presentation how IT endeavours are involved in helping achieve and implement the business objectives
  • by clarifying the strategic objectives through the visualisation of areas for intervention and operational aims
  • by taking IT decisions based on the analysis of external and internal factors
  • by evaluating strategic options in a transparent and uniform manner


Power Point

Business and IT environment analysis (SWOT, PESTEL, Strategic Map) for preparing strategic planning

Comparative assessment of strategic options

Automatic preparation of presentation for management based on uploaded data