Compliance aims to certify in writing that a particular product, process or service, or the certified organisation complies with the requirements specified as the basis of the certification procedure.


Challenges facing Compliance

  • to ensure compliance with current legislation
  • to be methodologically well-grounded
  • to be generated by modern technology, ie. software
  • to ensure aspects of compliance may be customised and expanded

ADAPTO functions and dashboard which support compliance

  • Business continuity planning, management and testing in accordance with ISO 22301
  • IT security risk analysis and management in accordance with ISO 27001
  • Preparation of ISO 27001 Compliance Declaration
  • Supporting standards compliance with quality management systems (QMS) of ISO 9001 compliant organisations
  • IT support in accordance with Act 2013/L
  • Aspects of compliance may be customised and extended



Excel and Word

Application of methodologies, standards, provisions of effective legislation, best practices
Incorporation and application of regulatory objectives and measures of ISO 27001 Annex “A”, ISO 27005 list of threats, Government Decree 90/2010 on classification of physical security equipment and Home Office Decree 41/2015. (VII. 15.)
Classification of damage in accordance with Public Administration IT Committee Recommendation No. 25 or Act 2013/L
Tracking development of standards and changes in best practices to enable users to put the very latest knowledge into practical use